What is a healthy diet?

...a diet that is delicious and that you enjoy.
...a diet that is in harmony with you and your lifestyle.
...a diet that is in unison with your menstrual cycle and phase of life.


Many diseases in our society are diet-based. During a Nutrition Consultation, we will focus on a healthy diet that is in harmony with your life and your menstrual cycle. We will address hormonal issues, weight fluctuations and an overall well-being.

When can a Nutrition Consultation help?

Your hormones work in a complex system called the body. Are you aware that many issues may derive from hormonal issues? Tiredness, obstipation, weight gain, eczema, allergies, PMS, food sensitivities, diarrhea may all be caused by a hormonal dysbalance. A Nutrition Consultation may help with a variety of menstrual issues such as too short or too long cycles, heavy bleeding or no bleeding at all, endometriosis, PCOS, thyroid issues, fertility and issues during perimenopause and postmenopause.

What to expect during a Nutrition Consultation?

A Nutrition Consultation with me is divided into several aspects:
1. We have a call to talk about your request, desires and fears.(15-30 min)
2. You will receive a nutritional journal that you will keep for about 2 weeks. You will then send it to me to analyse it and prepare for our consultation.
3. We schedule an appointment to talk about your diet and to make an individualized plan. I recommend a deep belly massage if we schedule an in-person appointment. A deep belly massage is wonderful when there are issues with digestion. (1,5-2,5 hours).
4. You will receive a Diet Booklet as a pdf, containing everything we talked about, as well as recipes, recommendations and links.
5. I will always be available for questions after our consultation is over.

Who might benefit from a Nutrition Consultation?

Many women who book a Nutrition Consultation with me have the desire to feel supported with their dietary changes in the long term and sustainably. Many have been through trend diets with no success or they suffer from issues like eczema, food sensitivities, digestion issues, iron deficiency, hormonal dysbalance etc. It is always beneficial to look at the root cause of issues, these may be due to dietary stress as well as emotional stress. To integrate a healthy diet into your every day life may help you to reduce stress and support your natural hormone production. I will gladly support with that!

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