To me, the notion of holism is vitally important. Over the years, I was able to add a broad variety of trainings and practical knowledge to my therapeutical treasure chest to support you as a whole.

Besides being a naturopath (Heilpraktiker), I am trained and certified in a variety of issues pertaining the pelvis, nutrition, breathing, voice, myofascial release, different kinds of energetic healing modalities, progressive muscle relaxation techniques, bodywork modalities and a lot more!

I want to support you in your self-responsibility. You know best, what is good for you and I offer my help and advice. I may make recommendations, but in the end you will always decide what is going to happen. It is a matter very close to my heart to help you reconnect with your intuition, with your instinct and your body awareness, and to strengthen that connection for the time to come.
If you feel yourself, you know yourself and can act accordingly.


Naturopath for holistic women's health, bodywork and nutritional therapy

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