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In my naturopathic practice, I treat female-specific issues holistically.

In a Women's Health Bodywork session, we attend to the female body entirely: Depending on your issues, belly, breasts, vulva, vagina and anus are the major body parts in a body therapy treatment. Scroll down and read through the list of issues that I have treated in my naturopathic practice so far.

In an Emotion-focused Bodywork session, we attend to the release of emotions from the body. We may perceive certain issues as mentally “done and understood”, but often times these issues are stuck in the body. With touch, movement, voice, breath and words, we aim at releasing trapped emotions from the body.

Many diseases in our society are diet-related. In a Nutrition Consultation, we focus on a healthy, dynamic and individual diet that is attuned to your lifestyle and female cycle. Hormonal issues can be balanced with proper nutrition.

This list is aimed at giving you an overview of my work as a Women's Health Bodyworker.

I have treated the following issues so far:
(The list is regularly updated, date: July 2022)

Bladder prolapse
Chronic inflammation of the bladder
Bladder incontinence
Bladder fibroids

Numbness and swellings in the vulva
Scar tissues and adhesions in the vulva
Waning arousal
Perianal scar tissue

Scar tissue and adhesions in the vagina
Retroverted, retroflexed uterus
Uterus prolapse
Uterine fibroids
Midwife-Stretch before birth
Pain during sex
Atrophic Vaginitis
Vaginal fibroids

Anal prolapse (Rectal prolapse)
Anal fissures
Malposition of the Coccyx

Weak Pelvic Floor (hypotonic)
Tensed Pelvic Floor (hypertonic)
Neuralgia throughout the pelvic bowl
False position of the pelvis

Breast pain and tension
Scar tissue treatment after breast surgery
Hardening of breast tissue

Menopausal issues
Belly & Pelvic work after tubal pregnancy
Fertility issues
Period cramps

Different kinds of issues regarding the menstrual cycle
(heavy bleeding, light bleeding etc.)
Getting off the pill
Different kinds of digestive issues
Scar tissue: C-section, appendix operation

Caring, holistic & personalized women's healthcare - by Ava Bonam, naturopath.

You can find me on Instagram (in German): @goldlilie_naturheilpraxis