"Logically, I do understand their behaviour completely, but I have the feeling that I can't let go, it's still in my body."
In an emotion-focused bodywork session, I support you in releasing the emotions from the body. Often certain issues from the past feel mentally done and dusted, but they often sit deep within the body, causing a discrepancy between body and mind. With the help of touch, movement, voice, breath and conversation, we work on releasing trapped traumas from the body.

Emotion-focused bodywork can help you to come back home into your body. As a coping mechanism, the mind may go into a state of dissociation when faced with any kind of traumatic experience. We are mentally gone, no longer in our body, and if so, often only in our head. That may be completely healthy for your psyche to survive! But at some point, life is no longer about surviving, but about thriving - in joy and with a full-body yes. When the mind has already analyzed, understood and perhaps even forgiven, but the body is still stuck in trauma mode, even the seemingly simplest situation can turn into a rollercoaster.

A bodywork session lasts for about 3 hours. We will attend to your intention with mindfulness, time and slowness.

Here you find a list of a broad range of concerns that people have approached me about:

Panic attacks
Emotional neglect
Accidents & bereavement
Accidents with scars

Sexual abuse
"Father and/or Mother wound"
Birth traumata
Bullying (from both perspectives)
Sleep problems
Clinical Depression
Depressive Mood

Fear of speaking
Fear of touch
Addictive behaviour
...any issue regarding Women's Health that can be looked at from a structural and from an emotional perspective

If you would like to know more, if you have any questions, if you want to make an appointment, please send an mail to hallo @ goldlilie . de

No question is stupid, no issue is unimportant! Your needs matter!

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